As a librarian and artist I am passionate about making complex information useful, engaging, and authentic. My career spans all aspects of digital communications and interactive experiences mediated by innovative technology.


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As a Story:

Technology was part of my coming of professional age in San Jose, California  where I grew up.   It continues to excite me as an essential tool providing people around the globe the ability to exchange ideas, access critical information, and understand one another.

My foundational experiences began in the 90s with teams building the very first websites in San Francisco. I took part in web campaigns for mega-corporations like Ziff Davis, Paramount Entertainment, Mattel, Bloomberg News, Visa, Netflix, Netscape, Samsung, and the San Francisco Airport.


Since moving to New England in 2008 I've lead creative teams at high-profile academic institutions like MIT and Harvard Medical School. I've mediated technical decision making between people of diverse points of view and self interest, and influenced the information design on a wide variety of highly technical information. For example my in-house creative agency model was engaged to explain scientific advancements like TESSwhich I remain extremely proud of. 


By far my favorite tasks include researching solutions for innovative information architectures and knowledge management systems. This is the core of my work as a librarian and writer and my solutions always emphasize human behavior as their primary motivation. Here is an example of the type of reports I can provide. 


Prior to 2008 I used information science at the state library level, providing public access to government research, GIS data, and biological data on Montana’s wildlife. I had strategic responsibility writing legislation and technical specifications for their first digital library. This period also ignited in me a passion for digital privacy rights and the importance of risk assessment and planning after the events of 2011.

Playing a part in the launch and growth of start-up culture informed my teaching and speaking to broad audiences (like SXSW and UC Berkeley Extension) about online information design and information seeking behavior and how these things influence application development processes.


In all my work I try to honor my personal heroes: Muriel Cooper was a pioneering digital designer and co-founder of the MIT Media Lab. She started as an exhibition designer and type expert and ended by changing the landscape of electronic communications; Christa McAuliffe was a social studies teacher before she was a technologist, selected by NASA to their Teacher in Space Project. Hard to believe it's the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.


To both women, technology was not the means to an end, but a gift used to communicate something larger. If you're still curious, investigate what’s on my bookshelf or how I use Pinterest for science, or my Twitter or Tumbler feeds. 

Best at:


  • Library Science*

  • Strategic Communications

  • Information Architecture

  • User Experience Design

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Knowledge Management Systems 

  • Editing/Writing 

  • Public Speaking & Presentations  


*As a credentialed librarian:


  • Document Management

  • Meta-data & taxonomy design

  • Usability Testing & Analysis

  • Focus Group Mediation

  • Human Factors Research esp. Information Seeking Behavior

  • Interviewing & Intake

  • Services to Special Populations

  • Outreach & Technical Instruction


And as an amateur, but with great enthusiasm:


  • Ukulele

  • Scrabble

  • Wildlife Rescue

  • Thanatology

  • Wayfinding & Map Design

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