I enjoy finding solutions to problems of information overload, ineffective messaging, or workflow inefficiency by integrating context with culture in all digital communications. My career embraces four passions: 

•  Information Science:  I am a content strategist and librarian. Whether crafting business taxonomies, developing information  for digital applications, or helping researchers, structuring the right data for the right audience is my goal. 

•  Communications:  Compelling dialog demands empathy, research, engagement analysis, and good listening habits. 

•  Technology:  I have experience in all aspects of human-to-computer interaction and interactive product design and delivery. I'm familiar with the development tools, languages, security issues, ADA compliance requirements, and development processes necessary to create effective digital user experiences. 

 Visual Design:  Technology needs painters and poets. These skills provide insights that help differentiate products and services from the other noise constantly dividing our attention.

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